Knitting Note Journals and Knit Greeting Cards~

I was thinking that a great way to keep track of all of my knitting notes would be in one journal, so I have created a few, and will be adding more, so check back often. I also have the capability of creating a custom journal featuring your very own work, so PM me if you would like more information. All transactions are handled through my CafePress site.

Here are a few samples. :XX:

Everything on your site is stunning! You both do beautiful work! :inlove:

Thank you Sara~ :smiley:
I appreciate your checking out and commenting on our work.


:smiley: I must agree with Sara…everything is beautiful :wink:

Thanks Rebecca~
I really appreciate your saying so.


Aww, I just bought myself a knitting journal. I wish I had seen yours before, yours are just stunning!!

Thanks Tammy~
Keep us in mind for next time. :smiley:

And I love ‘stunning’! ‘Stunning’ is very good. lol

What a terrific idea! :cheering:

Thank you Kristen.
We knitters are ever so clever. :thumbsup:

I just wanted to let all know that I’ve added some knitting cards to my storefront. I thought they might be perfect for yarn exchanges, or gifts to our knitting friends.