Knitting Noob Confused With Pattern

Hi all!

Brand new to this forum so please be nice, hah! I have a knitting pattern I’m trying to read right now but I’m so confused. The line in question reads

“R1 (RS): sl1, k until 1 last st, m1L, k1 // 18sts”

But the “// 18sts” bit is confusing me so much

Many thanks in advance!


Everyone is so nice here. I couldn’t believe how helpful, friendly and well moderated this forum was when I arrived about a year ago.

How many stitches are you beginning the row with? I am wondering if the // 18 stitches just means at the end of this row you will have 18 stitches.
Is there a key to abbreviations on the pattern? Does it have this // symbol explained?

What is the pattern?
I’m sure some one can help here.

I think Creations has it. The person writing the pattern is trying to be trendy by sticking in characters.

Stitch counts are usually given in parentheses or just plainly after a full stop.

They are very helpful to make sure you are on track after increases or decreases.