Knitting nightmares

I’ve been teaching myself how to knit in the round on double pointed needles. It felt very awkward at first but with a little practice and the help of Amy’s video, I am getting the hang of it.

However, maybe I’ve been thinking about it too much, because last night I had a nightmare about knitting a glove. I was imagining 5 sets of double pointed needles all at once … yikes!

Luckily, this morning I realized that you don’t knit all 5 fingers at the same time … :doh:

:shock: SCARY! :shock:

I have all kinds of knitting dreams! The other night I dreamt that our Director of Dining Services gave me a HUGE box of really GOOD yarn for my birthday! I thanked him yesterday… :lol:

I thanked him yesterday…

Was that maybe a big hint? :roflhard:

I have had knitting dreams as well, no nightmares yet though!

I had my first knitting dream night before last. All I remember is that some baby blue yarn wanted to be wound in a center-pull ball. The yarn didn’t actually talk, but somehow it told me.


I don’t own any baby-blue yarn, and now I’m pretty sure I won’t buy any.

spooky!!! I wouldn’t buy any of that either!!!

I’ve never dreamed about knitting!! I would be very :shock: AFRAID of that glove dream, too!!!

I’ve had those… most of the time ends with me opening a door and my yarn stash falling out and burying me alive… :shock:

I had a very strange dream that we were ripping out our ugly striped shag carpet, and I was knitting a sweater with it…
[size=2]That qualifies as a nightmare, this stuff is UGLY![/size]

I’ve never had a knitting dream… nightmare or otherwise.

My wife had a crochet dream the other night though…

I hate when I’m trying to sleep and all I think about is ohhh that yarn would work for that pattern… or when will I finish this? maybe tomorrow pull an all nighter… then you dream about the projects chasing you :rollseyes:

I read this place in my sleep! And give looooong answers with lots of typos that I have to go back and correct. :rollseyes: