Knitting newbie

I’m trying to follow some instructions I found on a website but I got stuck on this bit:

“Knit across all sts, picking up horizontal loop and knitting it together with next st at each turning point.”

What does “pick up the horizontal loop” mean? I don’t understand these instructions.

Thanks. x

My best guess is that you are doing wrap and turn short rows? When you did the wraps you wrapped the yarn around the bottom of some of the stitches. When you come back to knit back over the wrapped stitches, you need to pick up the wraps and knit them so they don’t show. If you go to the video section there’s a video for it.

I did a dishcloth that called for this. In MY case, what was called for was picking up the “horizontal stitch” and knitting it as well. The “horizontal stitch” in this case was the bar that existed between two knit stitches (this was down from my current row of knitting). I just reached down with my needle, grabbed that “bar” pulled it up and knit it with my next knitted stitch.

Hmmm… I read that and it is clear as mud. I’ll try to take or find a pix to better explain.

I thought that’s what it might be. It would be like doing a M1, only maybe not twisting the st so you’d leave a little hole there.