Knitting Newbie Yarn Question

Hi Everyone,

I have a confession, Knitting, I never ‘got it’:???: Don’t get me wrong I love jumpers and cardigans but I never understood what it was all about. I now understand. I found out a few weeks ago that my best friend and my sister in law are having babies in March and it instantly took me back to the nicest gift and the nicest piece of clothing my son ever received when he was a baby. I used to teach dance at my sisters dance school and one of the little girls parents mum had knitted the most beautiful baby blue hooded looped cardigan and Bailey looked stunning in it. He looked like a little baby eskimo!o:muah: :muah: when I found out about the two beautiful babies I desperately wanted to make the same cardigan for their bundles of joy but I got my mother in law to look at the pattern and we decided as a beginner I’d never be able to make it, so I’ve now decided to do a baby checkered jumper from the simply knitting magazine this month and herein lies my question:

The suggested wool for the pattern is Sublime Baby Cashmere silk Merino DK, Although this yarn looks very beautiful it seems very expensive and due to my current capabilities I don’t know whether it would be worth the money, I also don’t know how good this wool is. Can anyone suggest an alternative and also your opinions on this wool?

Thanks for any help!!!:happydance:

Check out , you can see what will be similar in gauge and fiber content.
If you’re a mamber of ravelry, look on their site for your specific project and see what others have used.

I don’t know how to do the ‘Thank you’ thigamajig on here but thankyou, I didn’t think anyone was going to answer my question!!!:muah:

um, any DK baby soft yarn would work i would have thought.

I alter yarns all the time, i rarley use the right yarn for the job (infact i dont think i ever have :teehee: ).

the yarn it states is delicious and lovely but is pricey. Anything that is a DK (double knit) weight and soft (often labelled as baby or baby soft) should work.

Actually synthetic DK (which is cheaper) would be better for a baby anyway as you have no idea what allergies the baby may have. Just go with something soft.