Knitting Newbie looking for equipment advice

[CENTER]Hello!!! I’m very new to this forum. took me only 15 min for me to decide to join however :teehee:

I’m a experienced crocheter and decided i want to learn to knit. I watched a bunch of the videos on this site and it seems easier than i thought. I only need help with one thing. What do i need to start?? :think:

I mean size/guage seems easy enough but do i use straight needles?? or the one that has the cord? I keep seeing you guys speak of loops and markers. and someone spoke of a round or flat needle i think… :??

Someone mind helping?? Im soo confused :whoosh: [/CENTER]

It’s often confusing at the beginning but there is a good video on the Free Videos tab for Getting Started that may help. You can start with either straight needles or circular (the one with the cord). The circulars can be used to knit in the round, making a tube and one of the advantages is, no seam to sew. The circulars are great for knitting in the round but they can also be used to knit flat (that is, back and forth to create a flat fabric). Get a pari of say size 8 needles of either kind or composition and a ball of plain, light color worsted weight yarn and give the cast on and knit stitch a try until you feel comfortable with it.
Yes, there are loops of yarn or plastic or metal rings to use to mark your place and all sorts of other useful things too. But start out simple.
Welcome to KH and to knitting!

Hi, glad you decided to join us. You can use either type of needle, I think the circulars (with the cord) are easier to learn with because you don’t have to balance the stick as you’re trying to wrap the yarn around it and learning the sts. And they’re a lot more versatile later on - many of us don’t use straight ones anymore because you can use them just like straights as well as ‘knitting in the round’ which makes a seamless tube, like for sweaters, hats, mittens, etc.

If the cords stay coiled up, dip them (just the cords) in hot water for a minute or two, then hold them straight while they cool. That will help then the weight of the knitting will unkink them more.

I’m one of those who use circulars for everything, including straight knitting. I would suggest you get a set of interchangeable needles. They’re easier to store. I have all my needles and cables stored in a small 8 by 10 pouch and I could get away with an even smaller one. I think that’s the way to go. Don’t let the price of the interchangeables scare you. You’ll spend hundreds of dollars if you get straights, circulars, and double points in all the sizes. The only thing I was sorry about is that I didn’t get them sooner. Knitpicks has a try it set with acrylic, metal, and wood needles. I love my Harmony Wood set.

Getting an interchangeable set right off bat isn’t necessarily a good idea. She might like to experiment with different needle materials - metal, wood, bamboo, plastic, acrylic - to see which one she likes, and may find that she wouldn’t use all the sizes. Getting a few needles one at a time as needed and in different brands and sizes is probably better for a beginner and won’t be too expensive.

She could always try the “try it” set from knitpicks to see how she likes them. I would recommend that if you decided to go the interchangeable route, that way you can see a few different types of needs, and see what suits you the best. :slight_smile:

I only use circulars now for everything, but learned on straights. Either one is fine to start. So get some needles, a smooth, light colored worsted weight yarn and cast on. Don’t worry about it being uneven or loopy because even tension develops with practice.

Look at this page for info, too.

Once you have knit a whole lot and are comfortable you can try a simple pattern. You can also get a sample set of circulars from Knitpicks to try circs in different materials. Then if you want buy the whole set. :thumbsup: