Knitting New Year's Resolutions

Tia’s 2007 Knitting resolutions…

[ul]~I will knit at least one pair of complete socks (or at least finish the ones for DH that I started last year)
~I will knit MYSELF a top of some description
~I will knit a pair of Clogs with the WOTA that I received as a present
~I will get my hands on a complete set of Options needles :wink:

i will stop knitting everything in garter stitch

i will but some yarn in any other weight than worsted

i will take on at least one “tangy” project

You have to use that certificate! It would be unethical not to. After all if you don’t use it well then you’re just wasting that person’s money and beside they gave it to you so you would use it. So what if it doesn’t cover the entire cost of the perchase, you still saved money. Use it! Use it now! :teehee:

Nadja xxx

I will:

Finish my thigh-high socks and my Booga

Knit down my stash, so I can get some new yarn :teehee:

Knit a sweater. Oh so scary!!!

Make felted clogs

Make my best friend’s afghan and finish my mom’s and my sister-in-law’s

Learn to knit continental and learn to crochet

Jeez thats a lot!!! I’m going to have to start before New Years.

Nadja xxx

I will try to overcome my fear of sweathers.

I will overcome my fear of felting. (maybe)

:roflhard: Try to? Maybe?..Wow, I’m not very good at resolutions, am I? :roflhard:

I will start knitting Christmas presents in March so I can relax come december and maybe be able to do some ‘last minute’ gifts…

(heh. I said that last year too… Now where’s that afghan I need to finish?)

My hopes for 2007:

1 - Make a sock to complete the pair from the first one I did in June!

2 - Booga bag

3 - Felted clogs

4 - Cleo

5 - Tubey

6 - Scrunchable Scarf

6 - a shrug

7 - more hats

8 - more socks

9 - attend more than one fiber fair

10 - learn how to knit a sweater in pieces

I think that’s a good start!

I will knit this:

I will overcome my fear of using anything other than straight needles.

I will attempt a pattern that includes cables.

I will knit my first pair of socks.

I will refrain from scanning through ebay yarn sellers on a daily basis. (oh, that’s a tough one)! :oo:

i will overcome my fears of sweaters and cables!

madamet, you can knit the cable cardigan with me!!!

I will knit something other than afghans. I will use up some of my stash. i will stop buying knitting books… I have enough to open a lending library… well, on second thought, I will only buy 1 book every 3 months.

I will knit tops, and dresses for my daughter & granddaughter.

I will knit myself something really wild!

I will knit something that pushes my knowledge of knitting…

I will knit myself a sweater that I keep (not knit one for myself that I end up giving away!). I will find a yarn in a colour that does not drive me nuts by the end of the project and I will proudly wear said sweater to the office.

There I said it.

I didn’t say when I’d have to do it by though. Could be 2007 could be 2027 =P

This isn’t knitting but it is fiber related:

I will continue to spin at least one day a week and purchase different types of fibers to try.

I will then knit at least one item from the fiber that I spun.

I will make a vest.

I will learn fair isle.

I will knit matching gloves and hat for myself.

I will buy pretty yarn just for the fun of it and start a stach that is more than leftovers.

I hereby declare February 2007 my own personal [color=green]“Finish It! Month”[/color] and resolve to complete my UFOs. (Oh geez, what am I doing! :help: )

ohh, the 1 from that magazine…? still havent oercome the fear :oo: yet!

(plus i dont have the pattern)

I will:

Get a tote bag for my knitting
Felt something
Make a fair isle benie
Finish my sweater
Make an afgan
Make a bolero (anyone have a good pattern?)
Do an intarsia… thing…
make mittens with a matching hat
Use that really nice yarn that starts with an “M” that everyone is raving About and has a lot of “A”'s in it
Get myself a stash
Knit myself a top
Finish a pair of cuff down socks
Learn how to make toe-up socks
Learn how to do socks at the same time
Start working on Christmas preasents during summer break

O_O ahem… these may be my 2007-2008 resolutions ^_^;;

  1. Find double-pointed, circular, and interchangeable knitting needles.
  2. Save money to get yarn.
  3. Learn Fair Isle.
  4. Stop feeling guilty about using up cool yarn.
  5. Make a sock.
  6. Build up a stash of presents so that I can just pick one when a birthday comes around, and so I won’t have to worry much about Christmas.
  7. Learn to knit reversible patterns.
  8. Get enough yarn to fill my school backpack.
  9. Knit a new backpack; mine is really ugly and bulky and heavy and old. Plus, there isn’t even much space in it for all its bulkiness and heaviness.