Knitting needles

I am about to make a blanket and I have 3 diffrent kind of needles and I was wondering which to use for a normal blanket???

I have a 10 inch single pointed/straight needle set (aluminum)
A pair of Double Pointed/sock needles(7 inch)(bamboo)(made by Clover)
Circular needle 16 inch bamboo(made by Clover)


Actually… none of those. DPN (double pointed needles) are way too short… a 16" circular only fits a hat really and the 10" are too short as well as awkward with a large project.

A blanket can be a large project that is usually best suited to circular needles. The length depends on the size of blanket… a baby one might be able to be done on a 32", but I’d say go for a 40" to be comfortable. It’s somewhat of a personal choice though.

Thanks Jan but I finnaly found my 40 inch :woohoo: