Knitting needles

hey im new to this and i dont know what the knitting needles with plastic cords conected to the bottoms of them are for please reply cause if i dont get a reply soon im gonna cut them off so i can use them regualarly


Don’t cut them, they’ll be too short for anything!!! You can use them just like straight needles; cast on like you do for a straight needle, and knit into the stitches. Then turn at the end of the row and knit back across them. They’re great for large projects like blankets and shawls because they hold 2-4 times as many sts as straights. And you can knit things in the round with them - sweaters, hats, mittens.

Noooo! Don’t cut them! Those are circular needles. Depending on the length of them you can use them for knitting in the round or knitting flat. They are all I use anymore.

What is it you want to knit?

thankyou just imagine what would have happened if i had cut them off i’m trying to make a shaw [ now that i know what they’re for]
and a scarf for my regular knitting needles.Really i just want to make something simple and easy and will look like a pro once i’m done.Hey do you know how to start making it into the circle i mean
i already know how to use them know but how do you connect them
together to make a circular kinda stitch?

Look on the advanced Techniques page for a video to use knit in the round with circulars, you can also knit a small tube with them too, that’s the Magic Loop video.

But it’s very easy, when you’ve done the cast on sts, take the end with the working yarn (that goes back to the skein of yarn) in your right hand, and the other end in your left. You need enough sts to fit around the needle, or else look at Magic loop. Make sure the sts aren’t twisted around the needle, and knit into the st on the left needle. Then the next, and keep going.

Oh, and when you knit in the round, when you knit all rounds, you get stockinette st, to get garter stitch, you would knit one round then purl one round.

sorry but i really dont know any of the names of the stitches but thank you i’ll look them up

There’s videos of Basic stitches on the Tips page.