Knitting needles

[INDENT][I]Do you have a favorite type of knitting needles?..wood, metal, plastic, homeade, circular, DPN’s[/I]


[/INDENT][SIZE=3][COLOR=sienna]I love the bamboo but I realy ware them out. I want the needles I saw at at knit store that were from Africa. They were darkwood but the tops were light wood. They were very expensive.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I prefer metal ones. They are nice and smooth and since I’m a rather tight knitter I need smooth needles. There are people who don’t like the cold metalfeeling, but I just love that.

I do like the sound of metal needles just clicking away

I have LOTS of needles! I like different needles for different fibers but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Options, with Quicksilvers running a close second.

I prefer the wooden/bamboo, but do use plastic and aluminum occasionally. Seems to me that the wooden/bamboo are easier on the hands and do help keep stitches from slipping off. I use single, dpns and circulars ALL the time!

I love Addi’s…metal circulars…crystal palace bamboo dps are good for socks…my favorite sock/hat dps are rosewood, but they were a fortune to buy…I do have some Brittany birchwood straight needles by rarely use straights anymore. Most important now is that I have written down on a card the needles I have so I don’t keep rebuying the same ones over and over again!
I have different needles for different projects…

Check out the poll on the types of circular needles prefer.

On the types of circular needles knitters prefer. Sorry I type faster than I think.

I have options and I can’t rave enough. I have not got the dpns though because I am afraid my stiches will slip off. The last time I used dpns I had to switch from metal to bamboo so that I had some grab. Knitpicks now have wooden tips but I am waiting for more natural tones.

It would be hard for me to say which I prefer, the OPtions or the Harmony. I’ll keep them both and perhaps get rid of all my other needles. I have both in the DP’s and prefer the Harmony there.

I love the feel/look of natural wood. I have several of the Lantern Moon needles (straight) that I love for many projects. On the other hand, metal is more smooth and slippery. If I’m working with a yarn that is ‘grabby’ I’ll use metal. The Options circulars have very pointy tips, great for cabling or when you need to dig into stitches multiple times (thinking of bobble making).

Bottom line: I’m slowly building up a collection of needles of different materials in each size and I choose the needle based on the project.

BUT…if I were to choose one, I’d probably go with the Options interchangeables as just the best basic set that will do almost anything you want.

Definitely a fan of wood needles. Lantern Moon are my favorite.
If I’m knitting with acrylic though (which, now, is quite rare) it has to be metal. Acrylics just seem to stick to wooden needles.