Knitting Needles

Hello everyone.
Not so much a how to question but a help question, if I may.

Does anyone know of a company that makes sharper pointed knitting needles? I find all the aluminium powder covered ones like Pony etc are too blunt to work with the Sirdar wool I like and causes the wool to become damaged. I have found one set of needles that are just polished aluminium and pointy-ish, but they just come in one size and I only have one pair.

I would be so greatful for any help and advice.

Thank you

Addi Turbos have sharp points (they’re nickle plated brass), but they’re pricey. Knitpicks also has nickle plated brass needles, both as an interchangeable set and not, that are very pointy and far cheaper than the Addis :slight_smile:

Check out the Options interchangeables at . Very nice–smooth and pointy.

agreed. i prefer them over addis when i want pointy

I like Boye aluminum ones, they have very nice points on them too.

Wooden or bamboo needles can be sharpened to whatever point and taper you prefer…

The new Addi LACE needles have very sharp points.
They are a delight to knit with.
But be careful not to sit on them.

The Options are great–pointy but they don’t hurt your index finger, should you need to push a bit on the tip sometimes.

Sharpening wood/bamboo ones works, but they can really get dangerously pointy if you sharpen too long :oops:

Thanks for the tips on sharpening wooden/bamboo needles (boo for the pun, unintentional, but now it’s out there). Saves me from having to start another thread!