Knitting Needles

Hi, I am searching for smaller (lenth wise) needles…not circs straight… Needles smaller than 10"…Do they make them and where can I find them. Anything online??? Thanks Cheley

I’ve never heard of needles other than DPNs smaller than that, but they may be out there. You could always make your own, too.

i bought some dpn’s and just glued some nice beads on the ends to turn them into small straights.

There’s some kid’s needles available at Joanns and maybe Michael’s that are about 7 or 8" long.


Picked up a “kids” 7" straight at Jo-anns, works great… I am doing a “”“Teddy Bear” (saw it on Knitty Gritty…love that show) anyway you use a 7" but you only cast on 20sts…so my 7 inchers were waaaay to long and my circ didn’t work either…You do the entire bear on one needle. I think it’s gonna be cute!!!Thanks again Have fun today. Chele