knitting needles

I am knitting a cowl with size 13 circular needles, 16 inches. I am having lots of trouble with these because they are so short. Can anybody tell me where is the best place to find fixed circulars that come in a longer size than these? These are about 4 inches long and if it wasn’t such a fat needle, it would probably be ok.

I am talking about the actual needle length, not the cable. Thanks.

The needle length needs to be short to work on the short cable so you likely won’t find any with longer needles. If you put the tips of the needles together you’ll see what I mean. It would be really hard tho knit, if not impossible, with longer needles.

If you really need longer needles I suggest learning magic loop or using two circulars.

I was afraid of that. I’ll stick with the circulars but I’ve decided to change to aluminum to make it easier to slide the yarn off. Now is it possible to change circular needles in the middle of a project?


Sure. It’s easier if you have a point protector, wad of clay or something to stick over the right needle from the one you’re currently using. Just pick up the new needle in your right hand and knit onto it.

Just start knitting with the new one. When you get to the end of the stitches you’ll be on the new needle.

That’s amazing. And I’ll still be attached and my circle won’t break?

Everything will be just the same, only on the longer needle. When you get to the end of your stitches, set aside the empty needle and keep going with the full one.

You can do the same thing in reverse when you need to switch to double points or two circulars to do the decreases at the top of a hat or the cuff of a sleeve. In that case, you knit onto the shorter needle.

Yep! :slight_smile:

Thank you. I have changed from circulars to double points before, just not circular to circular.