Knitting Needles Sizes

Hey Everyone…

I’ve been seeing more posts regarding needles, sizes, etc. Seeing as we have people from all over the world here, I figured I’d post a URL I found.

About halfway down the page is a chart containing US/UK/ and Metric sizing for needles all the way from 0000 to 50s.

Thanks!! And, all brands of needles aren’t the same sizes; for example a size 1 Addi is 2.5mm where a size 1 Quicksiver (and/or Inox) is 2.25mm. So, it’s best to pay attention to the mm when buying needles; JMHO :wink:

Right – my US6 Addis are 4mm, but my US6 Clovers are 4.25mm… :doh:

OY!!! Don’t these manufacturers know how to standardize anything?

I think it’s a European/American thing. My money is that we Americans didn’t bother to conform to the rest of the world. :rofling:

Heck with the rest of the world… we wont even keep US standards standard…


Thanks for the needle link. I was just about to look for yarn weight info (am new to this) and that site had that information also. I was perusing yarns and got confused about the weights, so thanks for the link.