Knitting Needles Questions

Hi.:grinning:I was wondering about knitting needles sizes .I got a boye knitting needle size 8 one is shorter than the same size 8 boye
steel knitting needle is way longer :hushed: how come does a person go by how long a knitting needle is for different projects such as a shawl and a large blanket?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:I know the Yarn Harlot has pictures on her blog that has her using a long steel knitting needles :thinking:Could a person fit all the sts(for instance a long blanket pattern or a long shawl)on smaller knitting needles?:smirk:
I am a beginner knitter any help on this would be nice because i would love to make a shawl and a blanket big( long )that is on a easy pattern.:heart_eyes:

The straight knitting needles come in various lengths but the longer ones tend to be a little unwieldy to use. Circular needles work very well for blankets and for projects large and small. They too come with different length cables to accommodate more sts. Another advantage is that the weight of a large project is mostly in your lap rather than hanging off the end of one or the other straight needle.

Unless you’re knitting strips to seam together straight needles don’t work well for blankets.