Knitting Needles...question

Thanks for the links! :hug:

my needles came yesterday, but i couldn’t remember which thread this was in! :teehee:
i absolutely l:heart:ve my new options! they’re light, really smooth, and shiny. yeah, they’re pointy, but with everything else (like the smoothness, etc.), you don’t really have to guide the needles that much. especially with the knit st. purling takes a little more (for me), but that’s with my thumb. all in all, i will DEFINITELY be back for more! :cheering:
i am really looking forward to starting my socks tomorrow. :happydancing:

Do these addi circular needles have a tube that fits the size of the actual needle. I’m looking for a circular needle that doesn’t shrink my stitches as they go around.

Also what size or length of the circular needle do you use for your HP scarf?

Your stitches won’t `shrink’ on the cable; the tips determine the size. What might be happening is that you knit the stitches tight, stretching the yarn, which relaxes while they’re on the cord, making them too tight to fit on the other tip when you get around to them. When you knit on straight needles, do you have trouble moving your stitches along the needle?

I do knit a bit tight. I need longer metal needles for them to slide better.

You can loosen up a bit, they’re not going anywhere… :wink:

I’m doing the pattern, and I’m using size 8 (16") Addi Turbo circs. LOVE them.

Someone told me that the Options are not as slick as the Addi’s…have any of you found this to be true?

i haven’t used the addis, but my options are pretty slick. they’re so easy to knit with!

Do you find the circular needles constricting? Wlways had trouble with circular needles because they wouldn’t shape well in a circle and I had to fight with them constricting all in one place as I knit. So I started using DPNS to loosen it all up. Anyone have trouble?

i have discovered something tonight. my options are [I]so[/I] slick that my point protectors keep trying to slide off! :shock:

It all depends on the cable on your circs. I in herited some circs and the cables were stiff and restrictive. KPO’s and ADDIs are VERY flexible and do not have “memory”, so they’re not restrictive at all.