Knitting Needles...question

Okay, I purchased my very first pair of Addi Turbo needles yesterday at my LYS, since I needed a pair of size 8 circs for my Gryffindor scarf. I [I]cannot believe how awesome they are[/I]. I’ve generally been using the aluminum Boye straight needles which I have actually enjoyed – although I have to say that these Addi’s are everything you guys have said they would be, and THEN some!!! SO FAST! SO QUIET! SO SLIPPERY! It’s like knitting with liquid metal or something…I love it!).

I do have one concern. When using my regular aluminum needles, I notice that they “wear off” around/along the points after some use. This makes them feel “rougher” as I slide the needles together/slide stiches off the needle. MY QUESTION…will the Addi’s do this eventually, or do they stay smooth and slick? They’re very expensive and I’m concerned about buying a bunch of them if they’re going to get rough down the line.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Nope. Nada. Never. Smooth as a baby’s butt until the lifetime warranty expires.

Seriously, they are wonderful, and they don’t wear out. If, somehow, something breaks they really are guaranteed for life.:happydance:

Now that you have these for reference, the Options from Knitpicks are just as slick and smooth, with a cord that’s just as plyable. The tips are a bit pointier, which has come in handy at times.

I’m a diehard Addi fan, but Options really do rival them.

Thanks so much!!! I’m absolutely thrilled with them. I’m just not sure how I’m going to afford all the Addi’s I want… :lol:

She’s right! Options are VERY similar. I just got my first Addi Turbos as a B-day present from my Mom. NICE! :balloons:
The options SET didn’t have a long size 2 for socks, so I’ll use the Addis, but if you need lots of needles in different sizes, get the KPO’s!
Somwhere on the forum is a survey about needles. I found it very compelling and now have needles i LOVE!

Oh boy… we don’t have them in NZ our circs are atrocious. I’ll post a pic one day to show you what I mean… I saw some Addis in HK (yeah, I checked out every wool shop there, what’s your point?) and pounced on them! Great cord, join, and needle tip… mmm… my US swop partner has also kindly agreed to let me buy some KP ones and send them to her and she will include them in my package as KP don’t ship overseas. It makes your knitting so much easier and more pleasant to have good needles!!! I know exactly how you feel! When you have had to work with cruddy ones for so long… it’s like the best present imagineable!

Thanks so much to all of you. If I decide to buy a set, I’ll have to check out the KP Options.

I am seriously amazed at the difference between these Addi needles and the regular aluminum ones. My DH said today, “It doesn’t matter if they’re expensive; you love those things, and you should get more because you’ll use them.” :inlove::inlove::inlove: That doesn’t mean I can afford to run out and buy a million of them, but he’s sweet, lol.

Ooh… take him up on his offer before he changes his mind… LOL… :wink:

:roflhard: Maybe I should!!! :slight_smile:

Okay, one more question: Where is the best place to buy Addi’s online? I put the KP Options set on my birthday list. :slight_smile:

Another vote for Knitpicks Options. I like them better because they are easier to store. Plus it’s a huge savings! It’s $59.95 for the set and you get free shipping. That’s the price of like 4 Addis. I don’t get why people buy them with the Options out now. But if you really want them there is an ebay website with some guy selling them for cheaper. I don’t have it bookmarked though, but that’s where you want to get them.

I wouldn’t be buying Addi’s at all. Not when the KP fixed circs are SO much cheaper and (in my opinion) much nicer to knit with thanks to the pointier tip…

The addi’s annoy me when I need to do a tight increase.

I bought my first Addi’s last week and did not go to bed until 1am because I enjoyed myself sooooo much. So I shamefully went and bought more.:shifty: I finished my felted clutch in 3 days! Now I’m eyeing my patterns trying to figure out patterns need to be done in the round just so I could use my new Addi’s.

Liquid metal sounds about right gamerchick as a description of those needles.

Yeah, the Options [I]are[/I] cheaper. I’m sure I’ll get that set for my b-day, but that’s not until September (I’m planning ahead :lol:). I bought another pair of Addi’s today, I’m terrible.

KT: Welcome to my world, lol…I’ve been knitting a lot more since I got these needles.

The only thing that concerns me about the Options is the fact that everyone talks about how pointy they are. I tend to push the left needle “thru the left stitch” to get it off that needle, if that makes sense, and the pointy needles end up hurting my finger. I can’t use a thimble because I often knit without looking at the needles and I have to be able to feel the stitches. Sooo…I’m not sure about that. :shrug: Any suggestions?

i know exactly what you mean. depending on what needles i’m using, i sometimes end up doing that, too. with the options having such a pointy tip, you may be able to just keep your finger there to guide it through the stitch without risking losing the wrap instead of pushing it through. i just ordered some last night, so i’ll let you know how they do when i get them. i hope it’s soon! :pray:

I do the same thing, but with my KPO’s, I push on the SIDE of the needle tip instead of the TOP of the tip. Make sense?

i like the way you put that. that’s what i was [I]trying[/I] to say. :teehee:

Hmmm…maybe I will try that. Lady Violet, let me know how they work out for you! :happydancing:

I use circs for all my knitting–straight or in the round. I can’t remember the last time I used a straight needle. I wonder if I remember how?:??:teehee:

Ditto what Ingrid said. When I use straights (particularly the long ones), I’m constantly dropping the left one which immediately rolls under my chair. Circs are so much simpler for me.

Circs are fairly new to me. I just re-started one of my scarves (which is knit flat) on my shiny new Addi circs, and I gotta say, I’m liking it. It feels much more natural than having the back end of a long straight needle bobbing up and down. :inlove::heart::inlove:

Here are some places to get good prices on Addi circular needles.

eBay Mountain Shadow Ranch Store (US)
eBay Labrador052347 Store (UK)