Knitting Needles on U.K. Flights?

I usually go to Japan once a year and the 12 hour flight is very boring and the time seems to crawl by especially as I can never sleep on aeroplanes. :verysad: Does anyone know if you can take knitting needles on flights from the U.K.? It would be wonderful if you could. I’ve looked at alot of sites but none of them state clearly that you can’t take knitting needles. I’ve also looked at the American airline safety rules site and it says you can take knitting needles on them. I’ve ordered some Denise’s and they should arrive soon, they’re apparently safer looking? :shrug:
Thanks for any info about it! :smiley:


On any flight out of the UK you wont be able to take them on, they’re very strict in security and boarding - it doesn’t matter which airline - the security people at the airport will take them! Click here for Airport Security Info

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Ah well, thanks for the info. I guess it will just have to be books and inflight movies again for me! :rofl:

anything you buy once you go through security you can bring on - but that’s usually limited to tacky giftshops and duty free

Yeah I’ve gone on lots of airplane flights but I just didn’t know about knitting needles, I mean for me resin needles don’t seem too dangerous! :teehee:

Some of us make our own knitting needles… if you are really desperate I suggest taking two pieces of soft wooden dowel at the right thickness and length, maybe with part of the bulk at tips shaved down (but not too pointy yet), along with a couple of pieces of different-grit sandpaper, and maybe a paper/cardboard nail file, and assembling them in the bathroom. If they take away your dowels, you’ve only lost a few cents.


maybe e-mail the airport! I was stuck flying out of stanstead when the main security scare happened and we weren’t allowed any hand baggage at all apart from medication, baby food, passport, money and glasses. People still tried to get on with them though despite all the warnings and all they did was make the whole security thing take way longer! took us two hours of queueing to check in and go through security. They’ve relaxed it a lot not but it’s still not back to normal…

Years ago in the 80’s my granny went to visit her sister in Canada and had her dress making scissors taken off her - they were expensive so she requested they be posted to her (not sure if this was the outgoing or return flight) and paid for it - but they never came!

Unfortunately I’ve already looked for dowels at our local B&Q and they only have these ENORMOUS ones that no sane person could use for normal knitting! :rofl:
Yeah I was thinking of doing that. Thanks for all the suggestions! :hug:

Are you allowed to bring pencils? You could maybe buy a couple bamboo sets and stick them in the pencil holders of your backpack? :shrug:

I’m flying back to Ireland in May for a visit, and I’ll be bringing my Denise’s…but then again, I’m flying Continental, and they allow all knitting needles. Lucky for me; I don’t know what I used to do on international flights before I started knitting. :teehee:

Good luck!! :slight_smile:

I flew into the U.K. with knitting needles last time I flew. But not out. I flew that Thursday of the foiled terror plot last summer. Anyway, Virgin Atlantic, the airline I flew into the U.K., had a pamphlet that specifically said no knitting needles (amongst other things). Actually, I had already taken them on the flight before reading the pamphlet and they didn’t stop me. But it might not be worth the risk. Call the airline, maybe they’ll know? :shrug:

I’m not a great fan of flying at all - as soon as I check in and get to that point of no return I’m panicking and looking for things that make it worse.

I don’t want to be a scaremonger, but when I’m packing I always try to think of things that in a worst case situation - could be used against me or my fellow passengers.

Knitting needles fall into that category I’m afraid - as do my meds, I only take what I actually need on board with me.

This is just my opinion though - I’ve had several bad experiences on and on the way to planes and that has warped my judgment somewhat.

As to whether or not you can take them on, its probably a good idea to call the airline a day before, as they change the security rules so often anyway.
For safety though - I think you’re right in thinking that denises are safe - they are quite blunt and short.

Hope you have a nice flight.

Aren’t Denise needles allowed? They’re made of resin…thought that they were acceptable.

I think it’s probably a good idea to avoid any kind of covert ops in airplane bathrooms…they aren’t likely to look kindly upon that.

I just flew to the US - I would say no … it doesn’t matter what the airline says, it is upto Airport Security (you go through them first)… I didn’t want to risk having it taken away from me. Some people take self addressed stamped envelopes with them to put stuff in that may be confiscated … but you would have to go and post it yourself and join the back of the security line again …