Knitting needles on Quantas

I am flying from LAX to Sydney in Sept 2010 and started questioning Quantas employees re: knitting! I recently emailed a woman in the aviation dept at Sydney Airport and she said I am allowed to take knitting when flying from Australia. I don’t think I will have a problem in LA. Of course I printed out the email, just in case!!! I will go nuts if not allowed to knit on a 15 hours flight. If anyone has flown Quantas recently and took knitting, please let me know. Thanks. Happy knitting all!

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Ultimately it’s up to the security people at the scanners regardless of what it says on the TSA site or the letter you have. So I recommend you don’t take ALL your needles on the plane. I always only take one set so if one is taken I can use the needles in my checked bag when I get there. You can also put a lifeline through the stitches so if they have to pull the needles out you don’t lose your work or your place. :thumbsup:

I don’t know about Quantas specifically, but have knit on planes recently (international flights between Canada, the U.S. mainland & Hawaii).
The airlines I’ve been on say knitting needles are allowed, but apparently it is up to the discretion of security whether they allow it or take away your needles.

Personally, I’ve put plastic straights or a bamboo circular in my carry-on with a started project, hoping not to attract attention by setting off metal detectors. I’ve even had my carry-on searched, but fortunately, it wasn’t an issue. Nobody said anything to me while I knit either, during a flight or while waiting at the airport.

Hope it isn’t an issue for you either, since you’ll have all that time on your hands.

I brought knitting when I went from Vancouver to Denver, no problemo

I took knitting on plastic circulars with me when I flew to Spain. I had no problem on either the domestic or international flights either way. Good luck! I did take an extra set in my checked bag in case they did take them from me.

Qantas was extremely strict for a number of years, but I believe I heard on David Reidy’s podcast (Sticks and String) that after a campaign by Australian knitters, they finally did relax that rule. I imagine you can check their website and see for sure.

And there’s the caveat that everyone mentions…the security agents have discretion.

Your best bet is to bring your work on plastic or wood circular needles, preferably 16" cord or smaller. I’ve heard that the main thing is that the security person should not think your needles could be used as a weapon in any way. The bigger the needle the better. They figure you could go all “stabby” with a small sharp needle and a cord longer than 16" could be used to choke someone out. Also, I’d put the lifeline in and remove the needle BEFORE check-in if possible or not start the project until you are either in the lounge or on the plane.

Have a fun trip!

Yep - I’m flying later this week, and started a sock (on a wooden circ) just to be sure I had something to knit that didn’t take up a lot of space, and not likely to be suspicious. :slight_smile: