Knitting needles on IBERIA Airlines?

I am flying on Iberia Airlines from USA to Spain and would like to know if anyone knows whether knitting needles are permitted in the cabin? Thanks.

Your best bet would be to discuss it with the airline.

I understand that plastic needles tend to be more acceptable than metal, but it wold still be best to ask them.

Here’s a few tips before you go:

1.) Ask the airline
2.) Use Circulars under 32" long (ask me how I know)
3.) Use needles below #10.5, as they look less threatening.
4.) It helps if you already have work on the needles
5.) Take a package adressed to your home so you can mail them back if
there’s a problem.

Hope that helps, but I would definately ask the individual airline first, though.

Thank you all. I’m off to celebrate my 15th (belated) wedding anniversary. This time we’re bringing our lovely children to show them the wonderful country we visited years ago on our honeymoon.

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Doesn’t matter what the airline says. It’s what the agent says when you’re going through security. If they think your needles look threatening, they’ll take them. Period. The agents aren’t connected to any specific airline, they’re the TSA. And it doesn’t matter what the TSA says. They say that needles are allowed on domestic flights, but again, if the agent in your line thinks it’s a potential weapon, they’ll be taken. If you want to try, I recommend using Comfort Zone needles. They’re bendable and plastic, and the likeliest to go through. They’re also not that expensive, so if they take them, it’s not like losing Lantern Moons.

I don’t think I’d even chance taking knitting needles on a flight after nearly being strip searched in Houston for my PDA in my purse. That would definitely be a case where I’d drag an old book I like to read to have something to do while the husband and kids play their video games.

From what I hear, anything within the USA is ok except for scissors, abnormally large and pointy needles and thread cutters.

BUT: My BF Joyce went to NY this year for her vacation(from California), and they let her bring her entire Boye NeedleMaster set and a pair of regular scissors. Absolutely no trouble; however, Joyce looks ridiculously non-threatening.She could have gotten away with a Remington 870.

I hear that anything out of the US is a much greater hassle.I really wouldn’t risk it without a phone call.Hell, if it’s close enough, I’d take them in and ask, but there is always the chance that at the last minute they might not like a little something about you and say no.They are free to change the rules at anytime because…well, they’re the airline.

According to TSA, knitting needles are allowed in your carry-on.

I suggest you copy this page and show it to TSA if you have any problems.

But you might want to contact Iberia and see what the requirements are when you want to leave Spain. Will they let you board the aircraft with knitting needles to leave THEIR country?

Have a great trip!