Knitting Needles - My Kids made them!

Several of my Kids Kniters wanted to knit chuncky scarves, so we made some size 15 knitting needles. We have LOTS of acrylic yarn that has been donated and they will use it doubled for their scarves … Thankfully, they are not yarn snobs … yet. It never occured to me to make knitting needles with tops that do not match … at all … but I’m not 10. Anyway, I think they are great. I brought them home to bake the polymar clay and they will be so excited to start knitting with them on Monday.

Those are SOOO cool!!!

They showed that on knitty gritty I think last Monday she removed the ends from the needles though while she baked them and then when they came out of the oven she placed them back on the needles…

They did a wonderful job on them here it is from knitty gritty:

Knit Bit: Vickie shows how to sculpt custom needle head out of polymer clay to individualize needles for fun (and so they can be identified in a group).

  1. Shape clay around the head of a needle.

  2. Slip the shaped clay off and place on a baking sheet.

  3. Bake according to manufacturer’s instructions.

  4. Allow the clay to cool slightly and slip back on the head. If it’s too loose, adhere with glue.,2025,DIY_14141_4231124,00.html

Great idea!!

[color=indigo]Those needles are too cute. The kids did an amazing job. :thumbsup: [/color]

How cute!

I love them!! :cheering:

I’ve also just discovered the joys of making my own needles :smiley:

you know, I can just think of a grandmother who would die for needles with ends made by her grandchildren. I think I know some kids I may put up to this … :slight_smile: :thinking:

Very cool. See now this is something grandmas (and grandpas) can do with children. Any excuse for intergenerational interaction is good tho. We can learn so much from our elder folks its a shame we don’t use thier wisdom more often

Those are GREAT!!

And, Femmy…you are SO right…my retirement home has relationships with several schools. Those are some of the absolute FAVORITE activities! For ALL involved!