Knitting needles and panic! :(


Again I hope I’m not being annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a beginner and just about to start on a second project. I am having problems with the needles - I just bought a set of bamboo circular needles, but I am wondering if you could give me advice as to whether these are the right choice or whether I should consider other options.

I went for these as for my first project I was using aluminium needles, but they were a bit too long and cumbersome for me to use. Now, the circular needles are quite short - I started trying them out last night and my yarn gets quite lose as it rides down on the needle into the plastic bit…I’m wondering if maybe these are the wrong ones to use?

I just need a bit of support as I’m feeling a bit discouraged at the moment - I see other people’s work and I feel like mine was rubbish and like I want to dismantle the scarf I made because it’s useless! :frowning: :frowning: I know I should stick with it and keep trying but I just want to know that this is normal and I’m not completely getting everything wrong…

So, what needles do you prefer, and/or what needles would you suggest I use?

Breathe. :slight_smile: Everyone’s first project is rubbish. Mine looks like a potholder made by a demented kindergartener. Yours can’t be worse.

What needles are preferred is pretty subjective. Variables include everything from how tightly you knit to what kind of yarn you’re using to what you’re actually making. If you’re just starting out, what you’re using is fine until you get some idea of how all those variables shake out for you. Asking all of us what we prefer might just get you more overwhelmed than you need to be right now.

As for your circular needles, the yarn has to be loose as it goes around the cable part or it won’t be able to go back over the needle when it comes time to knit those stitches. Your stitch needs to be the diameter of the needle, not the cable.

Do you know people who knit? Do you have a yarn shop near you that has people who come by to knit there? Hanging out, watching others, asking questions while they’re right there in front of you so you can see what they do and they can see what you’re doing - really one of the best ways to learn and get better. (After a week of trying, I finally got the knack of holding yarn in my right hand on a two-color project after watching several people in my knit group, all of whom normally hold their yarn in their right hand.)

oh gosh that made me chuckle. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m trying to find some steel knitting needles online that aren’t too long as the long ones give me shoulder pain - I’m thinking of buying double pointed ones and putting caps on them - wonder if that would work or if I’m just talking rubbish?

What are you knitting, Dorothy83? I tend to use circulars for just about everything, as most of what I make (blankets, throws, and the like) are too wide for straights.

You can get different lengths of cable, as well, if you think that may make a difference.

I love Clover bamboo needles myself. Metal tends to be more slippery than I like when working.

I’m starting out so I’m planning to knit another scarf. I’m just honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed with the choice of needles at the moment, and I don’t want to buy too many types and then have them lying around the flat if I don’t use them…

There are certainly many choices out there. Are you unhappy with the bamboo circulars that you have? Circulars are a good way to alleviate the stress that comes from having the weight of the knitting on one straight needle or the other.
If you find the bamboo too “grabby”, you might try metal needles which allow sts to glide more easily (sometimes too easily).
The important thing is to find the needles you like to work with. That may even change depending on the yarn you’re currently using too.

I have tried my circular bamboos only once, and I didn’t like them much, but I am used to the metal straight ones so maybe I should give them another try…

OK. Your idea of putting stoppers on the ends of dpns is fine too. No reason not to give that a try especially for small projects with a low number of sts cast on.

As salmonmac said, yes, you can do caps on your DPNs. Try cutting a wine cork in half.

How long are your straights? They standardly come in 10" and 14" sizes. You could see if some 10" one would work for you if you have the longer ones. That’s what I use on flat projects like scarves.

That said, I agree with the others that circulars are great for everything. And I like my little Clover bamboo ones fine, but I have a nicer set of wood interchangeables that I use for every thing and every yarn.

Again, do you know anyone who knits? Anyone who’s been at it for a while will have extra needles sitting around they decided they didn’t like or that they just aren’t using right now. (I have an entire vase of various straight needles.) Ask if you can test drive. Heck, a lot of small local yarn shops that sell needles will let you test drive in the shop.

I have a few pairs of bamboo ones in different sizes. I would be so good if I got used to them because then I’d be set! but I tried to use some UK size 10 for a scarf, and I think the yarn wasn’t bulky enough because all I could create was basically a spiderweb…so I panicked. I must be an extra silly beginner :aww: