Knitting needles and crochet hooks

does anyone know where I can find a chart showing knitting needles and their crochet hook counterpart? for example, if I have a size 8 knitting needle, the crochet hook size would be___? Appreciate the help.:muah:

I could be mistaken, but I think that the best way to go about determining what size crochet hook to use with a given knitting needle size would be to measure the size of both the knitting needle and the crochet hook in millimeters rather than in US sizes.

For example, a US 8 size knitting needle can also be found labeled as 5mm. I would then find a 5mm crochet hook, which would be a size US H.

You can find conversion charts for both knitting needles and crochet hooks for converting between US sizes and millimeters.

Hope this helps! I’m sure others who are experienced crocheters will have insights for you as well. :thumbsup:

Here’s another chart that shows the equivalents, however, I’ve read that while a size H is a 5mm, you’d use the next size up for the hook on the same yarn, an I. That’s how the gauges seem to run on the yarn labels, they’re not always the same mm number for both.

I have a Susan Bates Knit Chek you can find at Joanns in the accessories section. You can put your needles, hooks inside and it has sizes together to compare.

I just use the same size crochet hook as the knitting needle. ie. knitting needle size 8 would be crochet hook size 8. All my Susan Bates crochet hooks have the number size right on the “handle”.


i once heard on tv (knitty gritty maybe) that a size 8 knitting needle equates to an H crochet hook, and working from that,a 7 would be a G, a 9 would be an I, etc. Hope this helps. linknit41