Knitting needles and Books Questions

Hi everyone and Happy New year … I’ve been gone for awhile so I hope everyone is having a great New Year.

I taught myself to knit 10 months ago now and I’ve been learning a lot by trial and error.

I’m finding out now what I really like and don’t like as far as knitting needles etc…

I have found I don’t like the colored needles (while they are pretty I have grown to hate them now) because the color rubs off with wear and it gets all over my yarn and fingers. I end up having to wash what I’ve knitted especially if its a white or light color item.
I have a circular needle that is silver and smooth as can be … I love it but i don’t know what or who its made out of or by (I threw the package away like a dummy :!!!:slight_smile: I would like to find straight needles made from this same material… Any suggestions?

Also … what Knitting pattern books would you all recommend for me to pick up … you know the ones you cant live without and must haves. It see so many I don’t even know where to start LOL


In terms of books, I highly suggest going to the public library. You can go through their collection to see what kinds of patterns you’re looking for at no charge.

I hadn’t thought of doing that but its a great idea. I’m mainly working on baby blankets, hats, sweaters and some booties but I need to practice more on booties.

oh my