Knitting needle question

Which size needles do you think everyone should have?? ones that you use the most in knitting projects

Well, I think when it’s possible you should have every size. That way you can be ready to knit whatever you want. Having a set of interchangeable needles is the best thing I ever bought! I have Knit Picks Options.

Also to consider is what type of projects you knit most of the time. If you’re a sock knitter, you’ll want 00 - 3s. If you like to knit chunky purses/items, you’d go to the other end and get 10 - 17s.

I agree an interchangable set is a great investment - it’ll give you a wide range of needle sizes and lengths.

I also agree that an interchangeable set is a great idea. However, if you do want to knit socks, interchangeables don’t have needles small enough and you will have to purchase dpns or circs for the sock knitting.

But for everything else, the interchangeables can’t be beat.

Yup I’d say interchangables too… I just ordered Harmony Options last week… can’t wait for them to get here!

Thank you very much I will look into interchangables i’m sure Michaels will carry them. I was thinking that too that you would need almost every size of needle , right now it’s scarves, blankets, mittens , hats and socks that i would like to make. I got right now size 4,9 and 19 regular knitting needles , 4 dpn size 8 and a circular knitting needle 9.0 mm , not sure which sizes to get next.

I bought my needles as I needed them, and started with lots of needles for worsted weight yarns - 6s, 7s, 8s, mostly (maybe 9s, if you knit tightly). Then added needles for finer yarn (4s and 5s), and chunkier yarns (10s, 13s, maybe 15s), and grew from there. I’m not a sock knitter, so I don’t have many needles smaller than 4s (except for those I picked up a garage sales and so on). So I would buy based on what kinds of yarn you would like to work with.

I tend to like bulky weight yarns for scarves, so I’d pick up 15s and maybe 13s, and I like worsted weight for hats and mittens (so those 6-8 sizes), and socks would be the small dpns for the fingering weight yarns.

Interchangables would be nice, but at this point I have just about everything already anyway!

After I learned to knit (when I was learning I had only one set of size 9 bamboo needles), I quickly realized I needed many more needles in just about every size…lol…Once I discovered the practicality and beauty of interchangeables, I just about couldn’t use straights anymore. Definitely invest in at least one interchangeable set, my first set was a Boye set from Michaels.

I would recommend an interchangeable set also but before you run out to a local craft store & purchase a set look into the Knitpicks sets or the Denise interchangeable set. Many people who have used the Boye interchangeable sets are not happy with them, myself included. I had problems with cords staying attached. Returned my set & bought the Knitpicks Options set. Worth every penny I spent on them.