Knitting Needle Help!!!

I typically use bamboo needles and I like them quite a bit. I’ve tried aluminum, and they’re not for me–I know metal needles exist, I’ve SEEN them!! Google searches proved unhelpful. Any suggestions for metal knitting needles that are not aluminum? Thanks!!

Loveknitting do steel ones - not sure I this helps :smiley:

Hiya hiya do steel as well (they are niiiice!) and there’s also Carbonz from KnitPro and their Options needles as well.

I think the term you are looking for is “nickel plated.” Are you looking for circulars or straights? (I only use circulars myself) If you choose circulars always choose ones with a flexible cable with no memory. Both of the ones below are good ones that don’t break the bank.
Here’s a few ideas.

There are other brands as well.

I didn’t like anodized aluminum, I’d end up scratching them quickly and after that they were annoying.
Countless stitches with the nickel plated Options and still loving them, except they are slippery so have to keep an eye on DPNs.