Knitting needle disaster!

I’m midway through knitting a birthday present for a friend that calls for 3.0mm knitting needles but one of them has just snapped! Is there any chance I could replace this needle with a 3.5mm? It’s the closest I have and I don’t have the chance to buy any new ones in time.

If it were me, I’d switch to the 3.5 and really watch my gauge. You may have to knit a little tighter. What are you making?

What are you making? I’d try it and see what happens. If you tend to knit or purl looser I’d use the smaller on that side if it’s stockinette.

I ordered needles from Handsome Fibers on Sunday and I have socks on them now. They arrived this morning. HF is fast! but postal service can make it longer depending on your location or if they screw up.

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