Knitting Needle Case

I found this ArtBin case on for $8.99 and I have to say, I love it. In addition to the long 16" needles it can hold, it has several pockets for circular needles and a very tall pocket for other things. Right now, I have my scissors in there.

As for the smaller pockets… since I have no circular needles right now, I keep all the labels from the yarns I have used in the past, in one pocket.(obviously, if you buy multiple skeins, just keep one of the labels for referrence) and in the other pocket, I keep all my swatches that I have knit up when trying a new pattern… such as cables, or ribbing. I really love this case. Just thought I’d share. :thumbsup:


That’s purty neat, will have to see if I can find one locally, though I will most likely end up purchasing it online.

I’ve purchased many things from Joann’s… the only complaint I have is the delivery can be a little slow… although still under 2 weeks… which is okay.

I’ve never had anything come that didn’t represent its online self. They are a huge chain here in Florida so I’ve been in the store as well. I find much more selection online though. I’ve not had any problems with charges or delivery completion. They run average in prices but they always have specials and % off deals… and free shipping offers for next purchase… everytime you buy something.

I love that case. When I actually have my needles in a case, that is, and not tied up with umpteen projects. I keep it within arms reach of my desk chair at all times for those sudden “ACK! I need a dpn for cables!” or “ACK! I must make that thing right there!”