Knitting neckline with circular needle problem.


I am beginning my first sweater which is to be knit top down. I have cast on 88 stitches on sz 3 - 16" needles. My problem is the length of the needle itself…it is causing me to stretch the yarn. If I use a longer cord there is too much cord (if you understand what I mean). How do you complete this…I thought perhaps the magic loop method but was not sure. Would appreciate your help. Thank you so muc!


Magic loop on needles with a longer cable would work. What weight yarn are you using? Can you tell us the name of the pattern?


Yes, The pattern I’m knitting is Super Simple Summer Sweater by Joji Locatelli and the yarn is a 50% wool and 50% cotton yarn, The name is Mungo from Portugal. 100g =220m = 240 yd. I hope this helps and thank you for getting back with me. :heart_eyes: