Knitting neck on pullover

Dear all!

Just had a baby and decided to get back to knitting! Yay! However, always had a grandma to do all my finishing. She passed away and now I have to do it myself. So, I need some help. Figured out how to do the sleeves (wow did I feel successful!). However, I am having some problems with the neck/collar on the pullover. I’d like to get this thing finished before he outgrows it. I think I can pick-up the stitches (like the little engine that could :slight_smile: but I just can’t figure out the needle issue…how does one knit on circular needles on a circular neck? do you do it in two parts and then sew it together? If you have any suggestions, video, webpages to point me to that would be great. Have spent to much time hunting around on my own and now call on on the great experts here!



Hi, if this is for your baby sweater you probably have a pretty small neck opening (although remember babies’ heads are big and often they even use a shoulder placket or some kind of opening even on a pullover for babies). In order to use one circular needle you have to have a short enough needle so that the number of stitches you have will reach all the way around the needle enabling the ends to come together. The most common small circular is a 16" one, but they have smaller ones 11" and I have even heard of 9" although have never seen one and can’t imagine using one. If you don’t have a small enough circular you can use 2 circulars of any length. Pick up half of the stitches on one of the circulars and the other half with the other one. The only trick is to knit the stitches off one circular with the same circular, don’t work from one needle to the other.

You don’t have to sew a seam if you work in the round. There are free videos of how to use circular needles to knit in the round on this site under “Advanced Techniques”. You basically pick up all the stitches and then instead of turning around to work the other direction after you have picked up the stitches, just keep working around the circle so that the last stitch you picked up and the first stitch you picked up are right next to each other.

You can also do a neck on double pointed needles, and even with one longer circular doing something called a Magic Loop. I am new to Magic Loop and have never used it this way although I’m sure it would work. There is information about all these techniques in that same video section.

You could also pick up the stitches on a circular and work back and forth and sew a seam in the neckband. I like to avoid the seam, but if you had to you could do it that way.

A couple of other options for knitting in the round if the needles are too long for all the sts to fit - there’s a variation of ML Modified Magic Loop, use 2 circs, or one circular and a dpn, if there’s too many sts for a set of dpns.

Thanks! Just finished it! Yippie! Did the Magic loop thing…after around 5 tries of picking up stiches…but did it and and he wore it yesterday and look adorable (if I don’t say so myself :)!


melanie–you should post a picture in the Whatcha Knittin’ thread. I’d love to see your finished sweater. :slight_smile: