knitting neck of back piece bottom up sweater

When back measures 43-45-47-49-51 cm knit 4 rows garter stitch over the middle 23 sts. Then cast off the middle 17 sts for neck = 21-22-23-24-25 sts left on each shoulder. Finish each shoulder separately, knitting the 3 sts on neck in garter on all rows.
I have several questions on this part of my sweater, bit of newby here:

  1. So do I take another needle and just go to the 23 stitches or knit to the 23 stitches before I put them on a seperate needle?
  2. what do I do with my yarn? Take seperate pieces of yarn or use the same ball?
  3. after casting off the 17 stitches, what happens with the 3 stitches on each side of this after casting off?

It seems that these drops patterns leave out a lot off info they assume you know about. Once I figure things out it works, but it takes a lot off fun out of knitting and a lot of frustration (neuro-divergent) to understand. Hope someone can help me, thank you

Hi! I agree, DROPS has some cute patterns but they aren’t the most intuitive. What’s the name of the pattern? Or just provide a link to it so we can see more.

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I agree 100% regarding insufficient instruction from some knit pattern designers. Part of the challenge is we often cannot see ahead of purchasing a pattern how clear explanations are; we are lured into the project with photos of the fabulous end result, only to discover that we are not skilled, experienced enough to decipher the instructions.

Well done, you, for coming here for help! Once you DO unravel the actual, correct instructions, you will know that much more for next time and you can congratulate yourself for persevering.

On the other hand, if you find out that you have bit off more than you can chew, please give yourself permission to put the project aside and start another one that gives you pleasure.


For most of it I have been able to find YouTube, Google or a friend to assist me, but this part seems to be leaving out quite a bit more. I am still enjoying the project and hope someone can help as I have this part almost finished and it would be ashame to leave it. Also my ND does not allow me to let go yet LOL

Ok, this makes more sense now: “knit 4 rows garter st over the center 23 sts (the remaining sts in stockinette st as before). Then bind off the center 17 sts for the neck = 21-22-23-24-25 sts remain on each shoulder. Continue with stockinette st and 3 sts in garter st at neck edges to finished measurements. Bind off when the piece measures 46-48-50-52-54 cm.”
So to answer your questions:
For those rows where you’re working garter on middle 23 stitches, you still work the full row but the sts on either side are worked in stockinette. On your bind off row, knit to the start of the garter section. Work 3 st in garter, bind off next 17 sts, work last 3 (middle) st in garter and then continue in stockinette to the end of the row. At this point you’ll need to put the shoulder sts before the bind off on scrap yarn/holder. So sts for one shoulder are on a holder and sts for the other shoulder are on your needle. Work that shoulder. When done, put the ‘on hold’ stitches back on the needle, attach the yarn, and work the 2nd shoulder.
Make sense?


Just stopped by to cheer you on really.
Did you know drops will also answer questions on the pattern page too? Although of course its great to ask questions here too and you can keep on asking which is great about this forum.

I just wanted to mention, you asked about using a separate needle for the stitches on hold. Ribbed has already said to put the stitches onto a holder or scrap yarn. If you don’t know how to do this please say as we can help. You don’t really want those stitches on a needle as they can get in the way or slip off.

I really like drops patterns. This top you’ve chosen is lovely, it will turn heads when done.

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Yes it finally makes sense, thank you so much! Glad I asked :slight_smile: Also I hope it helps others too

Thank you so much. I saw it and just figured to give myself a challenge LOL and am learning so much as well. So now back to it!

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