Knitting myths

Ok, so I know there is the myth about knitting a sweater for your boyfriend- that you will break up before you finish the sweater. But I am about to make a sweater for my husband for the first time. Are there any myths or warnings of unluckiness that I should know before I start? Just thought I’d ask. :oo:


As far as i heard - if you got a ring - it’s perfectly safe:roflhard:
But, if you want him to wear it and not just put it away. Ask him about all the details, let him feel the yarn and choose it, if he wants.

Not sure if you are asking this in jest or not! If not - maybe there is a problem that needs to be addressed in addition to knitting!

Thanks! Since my DH has lost a lot of weight and is feeling better about himself (and needs some new clothes), I wanted to make him a more up to date sweater. I have kept my DH completely in the decision making process. He chose the style, the colors, and everything. Now I am waiting for the shipment of the yarn. I can’t wait! :cheering:

Thanks again,

:woohoo:Congrats to your DH!! I am at the start of my lifestyle change and I can’t wait to be able to say I need new clothes!
I really think the curse of the boyfriend sweater is more to do with him not wearing after you have spent so much time, effort and money to make it. Anybody would be upset if they made something and it wasn’t used. You made the right decision involving him in every step. And as KnittingNat said you already have the ring you should be safe!! I don’t think I have ever heard of a divorce due to sweater!

How about the sweater myth in relation to a friend you wish was more than a friend? :???: I’ve made him a hat and a scarf, but don’t dare try a sweater! :wink:

I dunno about sweaters, but I made my bf a huge blanket after two months of dating him and we’re going on two years now. I don’t dare try a sweater yet, not even for me. All my attempts have ended up on the ugly pile.

I made a sweater for my husband almost two years ago. He picked the yarn and pattern, but it turned out too itchy so he hasn’t worn it even once. I don’t mind, I wouldn’t wear something that itched either (we both thought it was soft on the skein). But he is especially sensitive to softness. The way he shops for clothes is he goes around the store and buys whatever feels soft! Leads to some interesting fashion choices …

Now I’m making him this out of some discount cashmere I got from I replaced the cable pattern at the bottom with a double helix because DH has a Phd in neurosciences and did his dissertation on chromosomal abnormality. I warned him that there may be some chromosomal abnormality in the sweater, lol.

I am pretty sure he will wear it. He does wear a scarf I made that is super soft. At any rate, I’m going to frog that first sweater and use the wool for felting and I’m pretty sure it won’t drive us to divorce :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody! I wasn’t worried about divorce (we were together for almost 10 years before we got married), I was just worried that there was a weird curse like, maybe a bird would fly by and poop on it, or he would wear it for the first time and climb under the car to check the oil pan and either put a HUGE pull in it or get a massive permanent oil stain on it. I am going to make the sweater called Pulse from the Rowan Denim People book. But I bought the yarn from Elann (called Den-M-Nit) which pretty much has the same yarn, same colors, and half the price! :cheering: So I see it as a sweater made like jeans and if a bird poops on it, then I will just put it in the washer.

The yarn came in today and it looks so good that I want to start knitting now, but I really should go to bed.

Hey bip, I dig the double helix thing. Just a goofy and nerdy suggestion, but try to put a little dot or bobble of purple every know and again on the helix (or any color that will be very small, but something he can see for himself) and tell your husband that it is a thymine dimer or aberrant guanine! Science rocks! :woohoo:


Well, if I tried to make a sweater for my DH…or anything else knit for that matter, we probably would end up in divorce court! JK! We live in Maine and even in the dead of winter, my DH is wearing short sleeves. He gets hot just looking at yarn. :hot: Me on the other hand…it is in the middle of August and we’ve had a dip into the 60’s this week. I’ve been wearing jeans, long sleeves and a fleece all week!

It makes for some interesting dynamics during the change of the season! :teehee:


That boyfriend sweater “curse” makes perfect sense, if you ask me. If he’s a boyfriend of a few weeks or months and you knit him a sweater, and give it to him with sheer excitement going on and on about how “I maaaade this all by myself!!!” he’s going to think that’s kinda weird and be creeped out by you.

Husbands are generally already significantly creeped out, but like you anyway.

Another myth is that if you knit a strand of your hair into a knitted item, the recipient will love you forever… or be bound to you… or something

I’m sure there was some of my hair in the stuff I’ve knit him, since I had longish hair back then, but I’m also pretty sure that there’s tons of cat hair…:oo:
The cats are gonna be with us forever!!!

If that is true I am pretty sure everyone I have ever knit anything for is permanetly bound to me! I try to pick out my hair from knitted items but let’s face it if I can’t/ don’t see it stays!


My hair is down beyond my waistline, and I shed hair like crazy, this almost guarantees that I will be knitting my hair into the sweater whether it was intended or not. So does this apply to him waking up and noting that he has stray strands of my hair around his ear and on his chest? I hope so, it hasn’t weirded him out yet. I just tell him that since he is bald, my scalp is spontaneously donating hair to him.

And, oh, the stories of my creepiness.  Seriously considering writing a book about it.   :wink: