Knitting Mysteries

Has anyone read these books? I love mysteries, and these look like they’s be fun.

I’ve read Knit One, Kill Two. It was pretty good -not great, but good - and is actually what inspired me to learn to knit. :slight_smile:

I want those so bad! Too bad I’m broke for the next week. :frowning:

Library :thumbsup:

I have both of those books and won them on Ebay a few months ago. Havent’ read them yet tho. :XX:

thanks jdee, adding it to my book list

I’ve read both of those and liked them a lot!

carolina red wrote:
I want those so bad! Too bad I’m broke for the next week.


Thanks! I’ll be off to the library Monday. If they don’t have them, I might see if amazon does.

Library :thumbsup:[/quote]

Well, I hate to admit it, but I have late fees at the library right now! :oops:

They say that I forgot to turn in a book about surgery that I checked out when I had my hysterectomy in February. I thought for sure that I had turned it in, and I can’t find it ANYWHERE. I guess I’ll be stuck with paying for it. :frowning:

Those look like fun books!

Sandy -

Have you checked the library shelf? Every now and then the “checked out” status doesn’t get cleared when you turn your book in. Given the large quantity of books the kids & I check out, we have this happen on occasion, too. They’re usually quite gracious about it when I discover that’s what happened.

And if you truly are unable to locate it, just tell them and see what they say. My darling DS lost a CD once, and we couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. They just put it on LOST status, and that’s all she wrote. They’re generally more forgiving than you would think – at least our library, anyway!

Good luck!

I’ve read the 1st one, and I didn’t even realize the 2nd one was out. I’ll have to check the library the next time I go.

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