Knitting my first sweater have ?'s


I have been knitting scarves and dishcloths for awhile, but now I am trying to knit a baby sweater and I have a few questions.

The sweater is 60 stitches and somehow I now have 61. It isn’t really obvious, should I continue at 61 or should I decrease the one stitch by k2tog(is that the easiest way to get rid of an extra stitch?)

Also the sweater is in garter stitch so is there a right and wrong side?

Thank you for your help, I enjoy reading this forum and I learned a lot from you guys. Maybe I will post a picture when I am finished.


I would decrease a stitch by knitting two together, so that when you begin armhole decreases, the numbers will work out.

And, I’m almost positive that garter stitch does not have a right or wrong side.

Technically, garter has no right/wrong but your cast on my create a different appearance at the bottom edge. You’ll need to decide which you want to be private, public, and be consistent with all pieces.