Knitting my first sock... I don't understand how to puck up stitches

Hi ladies,

I am knitting my first sock. I have done a few scarves and got the brave idea to move to socks (maybe I got over my head???) The pattern looked simple until I got to the place for the gusset. I have been stuck looking at their directions on this piece for about two days. I’ve done searches on the web, seen videos but I still don’t get it. I’m so frustrated! (sigh)

I don’t know where I should start picking up the stitches and where I end.

Here’s the link to my pattern:

Thank you for you help!


this link helps lots
the stitches along the side of the flap you made are what you pick up

Welcome to KH!!

There is a KH video at the tab above.

I was in exactly the same position last night…was cruising along thinking that socks aren’t that hard after all and what is all the fuss about…and then I came to that part of the sock and got frustrated. I did the left side right but then got frustrated again and decided to stop for the night before I made a mistake out of that frustration. :slight_smile: Sometimes a break is good.

Thanks for the video suggestions - I hadn’t seen the Sock 101 one before and now I understand it MUCH better!