Knitting motifs into hats

I’m a new knitter, and I’ve been attempting to knit motifs into hats. I’ve tried knitting in the round, and flat, then sewing the hat up the back … Either way I try, the motif does NOT look right. It pulls at the edges, and if there are single stitches in the contrasting color they come out really loose. How is motif knitting usually done? Do I just need to practice? Or am I missing some nifty trick to make them come out the same consistency as the rest of the hat (knit stockinette). Thanks!

I think it just takes practice. Have you seen Amy’s videos in the Advanced section on knitting with two colors?

I think you want intarsia, this is much better done flat. It’s just a matter of getting your tension right… so practise I guess. And do think about what you need to change, instead of knitting lots.


I would love to get my hands on some of those patterns