Knitting mittens

this is my first attempt to knitting mittens and so far so good just not sure quite what to do on this next step,K across,placing thumb sts onto a spare strand of yarn…could someone pls explain how i do this step id be sooo grateful, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You slip a piece of waste yarn through the stitches of the thumb to be saved for later. When you continue knitting the hand part, the thumb will fold (which is why you can’t use a stitch holder).

Just thread a blunt-tipped needle and pull it through the stitches as they come off the needle.

thank u!! thats what i was kinda thinking sounded easy just wasnt sure if it really was teehee, i love this site i hope i can improve my skills to help others, seems to be my problem i love knitting but finding friends that enjoy it or are skilled in knitting are hard soo thanks to u and the lovely internet im good to go now teehee :slight_smile: