Knitting men's woolen socks

Hi! I have never knitted with wool before and while I have knitted socks, I have only knitted socks for babies and toddlers (only people who couldn’t complain if they weren’t quite right - LOL!) Does anyone have any tips for working with wool and sizing wool socks? I have a book with measurements for men’s socks but do I need to adjust the size due to the wool - especially after I wash it? Thanks so much! :muah:

How many you cast on and the needles you use all depends on the yarn weight. If you’d like patterns I’m sure we can find you all you want. :thumbsup:

BTW -I’ve made several pair now and the only ones that have held up have been the ones that are made with actual sock yarn which has wool and nylon/polymid/whatever in it for strength. I also will only use superwash wool. :wink:

Even if it is superwash wool, I’d do a long swatch, measure it. Then wash & dry, and recheck size.

I used to handwash all my wool knit socks. But discovered that they would find their way into my laundry basket & get tossed in with the wash. So now, I just plan to have them go thru the washer & dryer in the first place. They do shrink some. I’d say about 1/4-1/2" lengthwise over the total foot length. Widthwise, the snug up too. But if I adjust for length, then I’m fine.

Nylon in the blend makes them more durable. They don’t wear thru at the bottom of the foot as fast.

I put them in a laundry bag so they don’t catch on zippers or whatever, but they do go through the washer and dryer. I don’t think I’ve noticed shrinking, but they tend to stretch out a bit so that’s probably a good thing unless you made them too small to begin with.