Knitting material used for kitchen scrubbie?

My mother used to make some kitchen scrubbers using a nylon-type netting material. My mother has passed on and I recently took up knitting and would like to make some of these scrubbers because they’re absolutely the best srubbers ever made. I only have one left and I’ve looked everywhere for this nylon-type netting material she used. Has anyone ever made such an item and where did you get your supply for this item? (This could possibly be a crocheted project, as well, since she knitted and crocheted.)

Hm - I can’t quite picture it, but maybe US Netting can help. Have you done a google search by chance? That’s how I found US Netting. I also found this. Hope that gives you some leads. :thumbsup:

thanks for asking and answering about nylon netting. I have been looking for it for a loooong time! Seems I frequently find ways to spend money when I am “lurking” on this site!!!tillie

I remember seeing handmade nylon net scrubbers and bath poufs when I was a kid. They weren’t knitted, though. You took a length of nylon netting and ran a gathering thread through one long edge. Then you pulled up the gathering tightly so the netting around on each other and sewed a few stitches to hold the bottom together. One of the newspaper advice columnists – maybe it was Heloise – was very big on them. The netting probably came from fabric stores; those were the days of puffy tulle prom dresses and crinoline petticoats.