Knitting Markers

I am knitting a Throw. Straight garter stitch. I noticed i have added stitches so i purchased makers.

Every 25 stitches i placed a marker. Do i take the markers out after finishing a row or do i keep them in place as a guide? :??

The markers i am using have a clip which is easy to remove.

Thank You

Normally you kep them in place. Like when you start a round.

Keep them in place. Just slip them from needle to needle as you come to them.

I am using circular needles. Leaving them in place is what i thought however i had to ask.

Thank you Brook and Silver for the quick response. :thumbsup:

Even with circulars, when you reach a marker you slip the marker onto the other needle. In effect, it stays in place because it is still marking every 25 stitches.

Holly :smiley: