Knitting markers and how to use them

Hi everyone,

I’m very new to knitting. Thanks to this site I figured out how to do a 3x3 rib stitch. I’ve reached a point in my pattern where it says,

“Place markers at both ends of last row. Starting with a K row, work in st st as follows:- inc 1 st at each end of 5th and eery foll 6th row until there are 93 sts. Cont straight until Back measures 13 cm, 5 in from markers, ending with a ws row.”

What do I use for a marker? How to I knit around them? Am I supposed to knit around them or inside them? If I’m knitting inside them, what’s the point?

Thanks for any help you can give me. I’ve attached a picture of my ribbing so far :slight_smile:

In this case, I believe they want you to tie a little piece of yarn to the stitches at each end, or use the kind of marker that is slit kind of like a paper clip. I think it’s so you can measure from them up the length of the sweater.

To be honest, though, I don’t really think it’s all that critical since you can measure from where your ribbing ends.

You can use waste yarn, small rubber bands, loops of just about anything that can fit on your needles and not be too big. You will actually slip them from one needle to the next as you knit. You will be knitting with them. They are on the needles between two sts. and they mark, according to your pattern a point from which you’ll have to later measure 5" after your increases.

OOPSie! Read that wrong… Listen to our knowledgeable Ingrid…

Thank you very much!

Ingrid’s right; this isn’t to mark stitches as you go along, but to mark the row itself. So you can use a different color yarn, a safety pin or even paper clips to mark it. Or just measure from where the ribbing ends.