knitting many colours, one row each, what to do with the ends?

I want to knit a throw where I have maybe 20 colours, with a new colour every row. I don’t want fringes. I was wondering if best strategy might be to plan hems each side with the colour changes tucked inside. And if so, would knitting a column of purl an inch in from the edges make something that would turn and sit nicely for the hem, the way one might do that for a hem at the bottom of a garment.

I know I should do a swatch, but I doubt that it will behave the same way as a 6’ x 6’ blanket. And so far I haven’t found anything online that discusses this.

Thanks, Cathy

A hem would be a neat way to hide the ends. If you mitre the corners the top and bottom hems would lie neatly together with the side hems.
Are you thinking of making this in stockinette stitch? If so, a hem may still have a tendency to curl or flip at the edges.
Another possibility is to line the afghan in a lightweight fabric.

I was intending garter stitch, although that will mean I have to purl rows.

I had also wondered about lining the whole thing - I’m concerned about spoiling both the cuddly qualities and the drape, it isn’t something I’ve done before. But I also wondered if instead of lining the whole thing, I would just have a material edge doing the same job of lining the back border?

You could line the edges, essentially using material or ribbon as a hem. That would cover the woven in ends. Since it’s garter, you won’t have the problem of curling.
Would you consider doing 2 rows in each color? That would avoid the look of dots at the color change on one side (unless you want that look).
If the blanket is in garter stitch, why would you need to purl? Stockinette would alternate knit and purl rows but garter could be all knit rows.

I would need to purl because with one row colours I’d be planning on the technique of pushing the knitting to the other end of the row, not turning, a row of a new colour, push to the end, bring in another colour…and yes, I would like to try one in garter stitch, as well as one in plain.

I’m knitting one at the moment where I am doing garter stitch, two rows of each colour in the usual fashion and the right side looks too crisp, whereas the wrong side has a much nicer look, I think. At any rate, they are chalk and cheese and in effect reversible.

OK, that’ll be interesting to work and to see when it’s finished. Since you’re not carrying the colors up the edge, you could just turn at the end of a row and start a new color. That way both edges would have an equal number of ends and one edge wouldn’t be fatter under the hem due to the yarn ends than the other. Or am I missing something?

You are totally right! Somehow when I’m just imagining it, I expect that working from both ends without turning will work, but yes, turning and new colour each time. I’ve just done a little swatch without testing for the idea of the purl down the sides, and it’s great. Identical on both sides except that the colours pop differently. I will report when I’ve started properly and got something to show!

I’m currently doing the same thing, in order to use up the leftovers in my stash. The ends were a huge concern of mine also, so I’ve just been knitting them in. It’s working out really well and I’ve only had to weave in the last end after I cast off.

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May I ask how you are knitting them in? How long is the end you are knitting in? And you don’t feel like extra thickness of the resulting knitting at the ends of the rows matters looks wise?