Knitting Mags

What are some good knitting magazines…(I am a newbie). My mom always offers to buy be subscribtions and she thought I’d like one or two of these…

So list off your favorites.


Interweave Knits I love, but word is that they have been bought out and may not publish any longer. So I am waiting to see what happens before I subscribe. Family Circle Easy Knitting usually has nice, normal patterns great for beginners. Vogue Knitting has cool stuff, but sometimes their ideas are pretty out there. I like to look at it because it’s eye candy.

Borders and Barnes and Noble are usually well stocked with knitting mags, you can check them out there. There are also some magazines from overseas, but I can’t make any suggestions regarding those.

Knit.1 It’s hard to find around here… I wish they would offer subscriptions :frowning:

Creative Knitting always has lots of patterns of all difficulty, from simple to at least intermediate. Good how-to instructions, too. They usually have an assortment of things to make, as well.

I got Knit 1 from Borders. I found the patterns to be a little strange. :shock: They look cool but nothing I could ever really see myself wearing!

I just bought a subscription to Vogue Knitting–I think their patterns are a bit hard to figure out (though maybe it’s just me!), but I really like most of the designs. I like knit1 too, though they do have some strange stuff, and they don’t offer subscriptions. Interweave Knits will have a new mag coming out in October––I wonder if that’s a one time thing?

I’m with Ingrid - I also like Creative Knitting.

Three of my faves:
Vogue Knitting
Easy Knitting

Good picks, Silver. Those three mags are in my knitting bag right now. KNITTERS is the only one I have a subscription to, but I tend to pick up the others at B&N.

Probably. Just like the one time crochet issue. I think interweave is my fav. I also like the spinners mag even though I don’t know how to spin. yet. Vouge knitting is …well… too Vouge. I’m not a “fashion” knitter so it just doesn’t interest me. Creative knits can be a bit hokey but the patterns are easy and accessible. Knit1 is waaaaay out there. Lots of fringe and gold lame. I wish there were more mags that had more writing in it as well as patterns.

I like Knit1, VogueKnitting, Interweave Knits (although, I just received my first issue). I tend to keep a variety on hand.

I really like magazines that have a comprhensive website, so I can get a feel for the content before I buy. Knitting magazines require a long trip to pick up.

Mags with more ads then content tick me off, but after all that’s what most magazines are written for in the first place. I don’t mind a bit of discreet ads, but my copy of Interweave Knits seems to have an ad on almost every page.

I prefer more technical content than I do trend reports. I can get trend reports from the Style channel.

Simply Knitting. I believe it is from England, and it just started up. I got the first copy a month ago at the book store. For me, who has not seen all that many knitting magazines, it is the best I’ve seen.