Knitting Magazines?

I was just curious to know if anyone was subscribed to a knitting magazine. I can’t seem to find any that aren’t…well, boring.

The knitting magazines probably have 1 cool pattern out of 10 which is an EPICL FAIL! in my book.

My favorite is Interweave Knits. I have a subscription to it now.

One of my LYS just posted that they’re doing a $5 rebate check (8-12 weeks for processing) to be used on a future purchase at the LYS you buy the Interweave title from. I’m not sure if this program is going on everywhere, but certainly worth asking about if you’re considering just picking up the magazine to see if a subscription is worth looking into!

I had a subscription to Creative Knitting for a year - I enjoyed it, the patterns were nice, and they always had a variety (some kids, some men, some scarves/mittens/dishclothes, plus sizes). I didn’t renew the subscription because I ended up deciding that I weighed the number of patterns I had against the time I had and decided it would be better in the long run to buy/find patterns as I needed them.

I’ve had several subscriptions but Interweave is the only one I have kept up with. I like Vogue because of Meg Swanson’s column but the anorexic models and overdone patterns are a bit too much for me. I thought Creative Knitting was anything but creative when it came to patterns. Interweave works well for me. The patterns are challenging enough and interesting enough to keep me coming back for more and holding on to my stash.

True, Creative knitting is creative only in the yarns they use; the patterns are pretty basic. I subscribed to Knit n Style because of their knitpicks needle offer, and in the past some of their patterns have appealed to me. Not so much now, but there’s a couple every issue I may try.

I’ve been kinda disappointed in all the magazines I’ve bought so far…I usually end up loving the garments in the ads and of course, there’s no pattern in the magazine, ya have to order something else!

Interweave had a few patterns I liked, mostly for other people though, not for myself…lol…I’m currently subscribed to Knit N Style and have received 2 magazines so far but haven’t been happy with the patterns…Honestly, I mainly ordered that for the free KnitPicks needles…haha

There were a few others I bought off the shelf but wasn’t overly impressed so I didn’t subscribe…lol

I agree this is the only one I get regularly…I might pick up Vogue now and then though if it has a nice pattern in it…:thumbsup:

Yep Interweave Knits for me…Bought Creative Knitting to check it out for the variety of targets…ie: Men, Women, Kids, Babies, and Household… but wasnt impressed so no subscripion.

Im thinking about getting Interweave Crochet. Does anyone get that one? What do ya think?

I love both Interweave Knits and Interweave Crochet. I rarely make anything from them, but I enjoy putting them on my “wish list”, and both mags have great articles in them.

My personal favourite is IK with Vogue Knitting running a close second.

I’m subscribed to Interweave Knits; Knitters; and Vogue.
Also subscribed to Verena Online Magazine.

My fav: IK!
Next: Knitters
Next: Vogue

If I could only subscribe to one, it would be IK!

I get Interweave Knits and Burda Verena each time they come out.

Ok, [I]WHY[/I] does that sound like something I would do? >___>

Well, Interweave and Vogue seem to be the best on here.I will definitely have a look :3

Not sure why I wasn’t aware of a Vogue knitting magazine before asking this O_O?!!

I did it too. I don’t use size 7s much, but at least I have the cord now, and can get other tips…