Knitting Magazines

What are the best knitting magazines to subscribe to? I’ve found that I love getting my knitting ADS in the mail so much, I should just subscribe to a magazine.

Anyone have a preferred mag?

Interweave Knits is my favorite by far!!:heart:


to go along with the first post, are there any teen mags for knitting???

I second the recommendation for Interweave Knits. I also like Creative Knitting. But, if I had to choose only one to subscribe to, IK would be the one…

Hmmm, I haven’t seen any that are called Teen Knits or anything like that. But, I did see one just yesterday called “Knit 1” that had a lot of patterns that were “young”… in other words, nothing [B]I[/B] could get away with wearing!

I have considered getting interweave knits…you all just might talk me into it.

hiya tree,
Yes, there are two actually, the first one is put out by vogue knitting and it’s called knit.1 magazine. The other one is put out by interweave and it’s called knitscene. Either one is good with nice n funky stuff suitable for the young fashionista.

My vote goes to Interweave knits (which I subscribe to)…& then anything that Vogue publishes…:thumbsup: Off the subject of magazines…the “On the Go” little hard covered books are awesome! My goal is to eventually have all of them in my library of knitting books.:wink:

Love love love! Interweave Knits. Definitely worth it! Knitscene and Knit.1 are definitely for the younger crowd, but I have found some things in them that I would knit for myself.
All of these magazine are on the cutting edge of fashion, which is a good thing. Vogue Knitting is OK, but it does have lots of IMHO bizarre styled items that I would never in a million years even think about knitting.
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what about creative knitting? They have it at my library and I look at them sometimes. Is that one any good?

I subscribe to IK and Creative Knitting - I really like both of them. If I were yournger though, I think I would like Knit.1 or Knitscene.

They carry all of the magazines at my Barnes and Noble - before you subscribe to any, you could go and check them out and see what you like best.

me too:blooby:

I just did a search and there are a lot of knitting magazines! Thanks for starting this topic and getting me thinking about it. :thumbsup:

I usually like the craft magazines that BH&G puts out – I used to get their x-stitch, and DH and I currently get their wood and scrapbooking magazines. However, it looks like they don’t have a knitting one. :pout:

I’ll have to see if my local bookstore has any. Thanks for all the suggestions! (Even though this wasnt my thread. ;))

Nothing wrong with them. I got it for a couple years when I started, but I just didn’t find much I wanted to knit.

I vote for Interweave Knits, too.

I like rowan.
as soon as interweave runs out, I’m switching.