Knitting magazines

I have so many!!! I can’t just throw them away but I feel like I need to de-clutter. THe only magazine I can’t throw away is my collection of Interweave Knits. For some reason they are like the cream of the crop for me (and its the only one I subscribe to). THe others, Cast On, Creative Knitting, Knit Simple, Vouge Knitting are just odds and ends. Magazines I picked up cuz I liked the cover. I’m thinking I should just cut out the stuff I like and toss the magazine. But I get out the scissors and I just can’t do it!!!

So what do y’all do with your magazines?

I will pay you to send them to me. I would love to have magazines from the states.

I’d say head on over to the trade section of the board and either sell or trade them :slight_smile: You seem to have one willing customer already! :wink:

If I want to get rid of a magazine, I copy or scan the patterns I like first. :wink:

I agree… copy the patterns you want to keep, then sell or trade the magazines.

But, if you really don’t want to get rid of them, maybe you just need to organize them better. I’d put the ones I want to keep in a magazine keeper or one of those plastic magazine holders and put them in binders organized by year. Maybe they would seem less like clutter that way.

I’m with you I always keep my IK. I think I have a few years worth in various magazine organizers. For the all the others I copy the patterns I like and donate them to a local thrift store that benefits the needy in my county.

I haven’t been knitting that long, so I’m sure I have a lot less magazines than you do. I think I must have 20. I just keep them all! :slight_smile: When I first started knitting, I bought almost every knitting magazine I could find. Now, though, I only buy one if there is a pattern in it that I really like. I haven’t even tried a sweater yet, and most of those magazines have lots of sweater patterns. One day…

I have mine in a filing cabinet. I haven’t organized them into any kind of order, but am trying to group my booklets into categories, socks, afghans, sweaters etc. The magazines are just stacked in there for now.

I think a trading library would be great…“knitflix”? :slight_smile:

Oh how cool is that!!!

OK so I have had a request for someone to take them off my hands. I’m going to take Shande’s advice and scan any patterns I like, organize them and send them away. Thanks for all the good advice.

Cool! If you want to avoid filling up your computer’s hard drive, you could write the files to a CD, then delete them from your computer. That’s what I do. And that way, the patterns are always ready to travel with you.