Knitting Magazines

Which magazines do you suscribe/purchase?

I’m looking for ones with more of a modern looks.

Interweave Knits usually has some good stuff…I went out and bouth their spring edition this year to knit some stuff from it.

I think they also put out a few other publications, KnitScene or something. Dunno about those.

I love Interweave Knits, but Vogue has more ‘contemporary’ things, I believe.

This is true about Vogue…but some of the things in there I think are pretty to look at but wildly impractical to make or wear(for me…and my boobs). Makes me feel like an old fuddy duddy–and I’m 26! :teehee:

My LYS usually has a rack of current magazines for sale. You could go to yours and check a few out to see which has the best patterns and then subscribe to it.

I love Creative Knitting and Knit Simple magazines the best. I did enjoy all the other magazines for their ads but most of their patterns are beyond me so I now only subscribe to the two above. :cheering:

I’m subscribed to Knit1 Magazine, which is a pretty funky teen magazine. I also LOVE KnitScene, published by Interweave Knits. It has beautiful stuff, unfortunately it’s news stand only, and you can’t subscribe to it.

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I get Interweave Knits, Creative Knitting, and Knit It. Interweave Knits t is my favorite, though. It has mainly intermediate and advanced patterns.

Creative Knitting and Interweave Knits

Try the magazine called Rebecca…it’s geared towards younger more modern looks. I love it but personally couldn’t wear a lot of the designs (you know…you get a lot of curves after a couple of kids…)

I usually get Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet (when it’s out), Vogue Knitting and a couple of British magaznes – Knitting and Simply Knitting (Simply Knitting usually has a gift with it; stitch markers, knitting bag, teaser magazines for Rowan, etc.).

I get Knit.1 and Crochet! sometimes too, though I think the designs are a little more hit-or-miss with those.

There seems to be loads of choice in America :pout:

I’ve only seen 3 here in Britain so far…Knitting, Knit Today and Simply Knitting. I started off with Simply Knitting but my DH recently bought me all three so I can see what the others are like. I think I prefer Simply Knitting, I think it’s the most modern.

I just subscribed to Knit Simple and I like it. I haven’t knitted anything from it though. Sometimes I pick up those specialty issues put out by Woman’s Day and Better Homes & Gardens.

I like Creative Knitting.

I was looking over for Simply Knitting–does it really cost 127.00 for a year’s sub.? My husband would go nuts!

I think Simply Knitting is from the UK, so with postage, yeah, maybe it does cost that much. You can find them in Barnes and Noble, maybe they’ve got sub information in them.


I got this link for subscription off another forum, don’t know if it’s any good.


Yeah, those non-US mags can be expensive. I mean, 1 dollar has always been less than 1 pound for as long as I can remember, but it’s been crazy past several years. The English mags are around $9 each and I never buy them because whenever I see them they are in a plastic sleeve so I can’t even see what’s inside! And Rebecca! I like Rebecca, but have only bought one as a single issue is around $16! [size=2]and i haven’t even knit anything from that issue. [/size]

I like Vogue Knitting for just visually stimulating designs :slight_smile: and photography. Interweave Knits is great, too. The others, I flip through them often, but have never bought one.

i really like interweave knits and their knitscene edition also. i’ve only seen one issue of each (and i bought both) but i love a lot of the patterns in them and there are a few that i really want to try. i picked up knit it! (i think it’s a better homes and garden magazine) and i did not like it.

I buy Simply Knitting from Borders or B and N. It is usualy around $9. It has great patterns and usualy each issue comes with a gift. I got a zippered bag in one that I use for my knitting stuff and pouch for pins, scissors and other notions. One issue had circular needles, stitch markers and other fun things. It is great magazine :cheering:

[color=blue]I just picked up Knit 'N Style last night at AC Moore. There is a website if you want to check it out: I have not read it fully yet, but it has some really beautiful stuff! :heart: Also some helpful articles. :cheering: (subscription - $24.97 for 6 issues-$5.99 -news stand price)

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