Knitting magazines

I´m thinking about ordering a knitting magazine and am wondering what you all suggest. I bought “Creative Knitter” last summer when I was in the states visiting my mother and liked that one, but am wondering if there might be a “better” one.

Any suggestions? Karen

i’m not sure about many others, but I get Vogue Knitting and Jo Sharp’s Magazine (can’t remember what it’s called off the top of my head :shrug: ).

I’ve sort of looked at the contents of the others but haven’t really seen much that takes my fancy enough to buy them.

I really like Interweave Knits. It’s got more advanced patterns with interesting articles (and less novelty yarn!).

Cool… I’ve been wondering about buying it, but just haven’t gone all the way yet, don’t want to have buyers remorse. Now that it has been indorsed, I’ll have to add it too my list :teehee:

I agree with the other ladies…I’ve found the magazines that most consistently have good patterns are IK and Vogue. I’ve found stuff I like in others (including Creative Knitter) but those are more “miss” than “hit”.

Interweave Knits is my favorite, for the same reasons psammeadred mentioned. Vogue Knitting is my second choice.

Yep, I’m gonna have to say IK and Vogue too. But I buy all of them that I can find…just in case. :teehee:

What magazine would you recommend for a beginning knitter looking for simple patterns?