Knitting Magazine

I just began knitting a couple of months ago and I want to subscribe to a magazine to learn new projects nad new stitches. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good beginner’s knitting magazine?
Thanks a bunch!

I really like Family Circle Easy Knitting. Some of the magazines have designs I would never actually knit. This one I always find a number of patterns that I like. The usually have a nice article/tutorial on some type of techniques. Like one had sock knitting, one mittens, another had color work.

I agree with Family Circle Knitting & Creative Knitting are very nice for beginning knitters. I love, love, love Vogue Knitting, though, my all time fave! You can have a look @ their site & u might get a bit an idea about the mag…
But, u can’t go wrong with either of the 1st 2, I don’t think :wink:

FCEK helped teach me to knit 2 years ago when I put down my crochet hook long enough to pick up knitting needles. I found the patterns easy to read, and the difficulty meter to help me know when I was biting off more than I was ready to chew yet. I have a nearly complete collection from the last 5 years or so, and there is always at least one pattern within the beginner/easy skill level that I wanted to make. The how to knit and how to crochet instructions were a bit lacking, but for a magazine they were adequate. What I like most are the yarn guides. It is often difficult if not impossible to find some of the yarns called for here in Canada, and to import them would require the selling off of at least 2 of my cuter children. The weight and photo samples really helped when it came time to find something that I could find {and afford!!!}. I’ve even used these guides with other magazines that don’t have them when trying to look up a particular yarn!

Hmm… this reminds me… I still have at least 3 magazines on my nightstand that I need to bring over to the computer to add to my review blog! :doh: