Knitting magazine

hi all,
i want to buy knitting magazine but i don’t know which one is good…
my husband bought me knitter’s magazine once but seems the project is too intermediate for me…
besides, the projects mostly are sweaters…maybe because it’s winter edition…i like making bags, hat…

so, what knititng magazine do you like? or may be do you prefer non-magazine-patterns?


I’ve never bought a knitting magazine to be honest. My mother sent me an oldish one and I really loved it but I generally prefer pattern books (like Patons etc from the yarn maker). People here though seem to really enjoy the magazines and I guess they do offer a lot of contemporary ideas and discussion.

I LOVE knitting magazines! But then I have a magazine addiction, anyway, so what could be greater than having a magazine about something I love as much as knitting.

I have several subscriptions going: Vogue, Interweave Knits, Creative Knitting and Knit Simple. I like each one of them for different reasons. If I was going to let one of them lapse I think it would be Vogue. I find most of the patterns too intimidating – there are some very easy very vogue patterns and I like those but I like the creativity of the Interweave Knits patterns better. Somehow they seem less fussy than the Vogue patterns.

I like Creative Knitting for the knitting articles – I have gotten some great tips from that magazine. I think Creative Knitting and Knit Simple have ok patterns but never anything truly knock your socks off creative – just ok.

Knitter’s Universe usually has great articles and some interesting patterns. I don’t subscribe to that one yet.

That’s my magazine opinion. One can never have too many knitting magazines. You can quote me on that, if you want.:teehee:


I LOVE Creative Knitting!!! It’s the only magazine I have ordered.It has soooooooo many different patterns.

Ditto on the Creative Knitting! The magazine usually has easy to follow patterns…

I really like Interweave Knits.

thank you all…
i think i will try creative and interweave…